Screenshot_2019-07-25 Savannah Davis ( savvygdavis) • Instagram photos and videos

– I am a Christian, as I mentioned earlier.

– I am passionate about mental health and have several mental illness diagnoses, as I again mentioned previously.

– I love fashion.

– I love to read.

– I love to knit and sew.

– I love to write.

I’m definitely going to be talking about these things on my blog:

My hobbies and interests, which include these and much more:

  • Knitting & Sewing
  • Fashion
  • Spiritual things (I’m Christian)
  • Mental health (I have several mental illnesses

Overall, I love to write about what I’m passionate about, so this blog is essentially all about that. Thanks for stopping by, and I’m honored that you’d pay a visit to my little spot on the web.



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