Update: Depression and The Importance of Hobbies


So, lately I’ve been way too serious. I’ve been feeling a heavy anguish in my heart, and I think it’s because I’m a type A personality and I have a hard time relaxing and enjoying life. I put down my knitting for a while and stopped writing, and I forgot about all my blessings. I became addicted to work, and if there wasn’t money tied to something I haven’t really been wanting to do it.

All this has resulted in wanting to cry constantly in deep pain. But today, after I cried out to God in despair and agony, I found some relief. Not saying I’ll never get sad again, but I feel happy right now. I picked up my knitting for the first time in forever, and I decided to write this blog post. I’m not making any money from my art really, but I can vouch that it’s so important to do it anyway.

I felt happy as I worked on knitting a sweater that I will probably just keep, and writing this post that most likely only a handful of people will see is so cathartic. I love writing, and I love to create clothing, because both are just plain fun to me.

Right now, I am blessed. My life is abundantly full. I’m working on a degree in psychology with a mental health focus, and I work at a Christian retail store. I have my health, and perhaps most importantly, I am happily married and I have plenty of yarn balls and good books.

Seriousness has had its appropriate place and time in my life; quitting addiction and getting my life back together required addressing my problems. But now, I’m sick of it and I wanna be happy and lighthearted. So here’s to the little things that make life worth living. Life is more than work. If you feel sad too, big hugs from me to you, and maybe it’s time to do something fun!






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