The Importance of Self-Care and Rest


So today is one of my two days off this week, and I have been working over 40 hours each week (full-time). I am also going to school half-time and I had an all-day study marathon planned for today. But right now, I’m finding myself feeling depressed.

While I still may study a little bit later, I am recognizing my need to at least for most of the day take some time to rest and do my hobbies instead. In other words, I need some self-care and pampering. I feel a little guilty about taking some time to just enjoy myself and rest, but I know I need it. We all do.

I don’t want to feel frazzled and burned out from all work and no play/rest. So now, instead of overworking myself, I’m going to be writing and reading “An Unquiet Mind” by Kay Redfield Jamison, and taking a bubble bath before I settle down to hit the textbooks. Because these things make my life more enjoyable, and we need joy in life.

So, if you find yourself feeling worn out from doing too much too, maybe it’s time to make room for some rest and fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog,


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