Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life Helps Depression


So, as a person who suffers from depression (I’m diagnosed with major depression), I can’t stress enough the basic human need for a meaningful, purposeful life. Some people are naturally content with just kind of “the basics” of life, but many of us have a feeling of emptiness inside and need something bigger, deeper and more meaningful to live for.

In my case, I enjoy writing about Jesus and mental health for the sake of trying to cheer others up; in the process, it cheers me up too. I’m working on a book on getting through depression right now to replace the kind of cruddy first one I wrote, and I am trying to get back into blogging. Writing for the sake of giving back gives me something with which to occupy my time in a meaningful way, and it eases my depression when I’m typing away and working on a writing project.

In addition to writing, I am hoping to be a part-time missionary as I have the funding. I want to travel to other countries and even within my own to share Jesus with people who may have never heard of him yet. Or maybe they have, but haven’t believed in Him.

So, where I’m going with all this is, life feels empty without meaning and a purpose. I can’t tell you what yours is, but I can say it’s worth praying about and figuring out. If you find yourself feeling empty and sad a lot, having something to live for is so important. So if you feel empty inside and sad, I send big hugs, and I would suggest to try praying like I did a while ago for God to show you what to do with your life.

I read an article recently in school that said that people who are more occupied and busy are happier. I’ve found this to be true in my own life, and I bet you’ll find the same thing is true for you when you spend more time doing things that you love. Thanks for stopping by, and God bless,


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