When All Else Fails

Sometimes in this life, we will go through hard times. We will feel depressed and miserable. A lot of the time it’s our situation. Cancer. Poverty. Disabilities. Family issues. Losing a loved one. And sometimes when we’re sad, our situation doesn’t change. But there’s a crying shoulder available 24/7 who understands and cares, and will comfort you with His presence whenever you ask. His name is Jesus, and He has been through sorrow and trouble Himself. One of my top favorite times of each day is bedtime, because that’s when I get to curl up in bed and tell Jesus about how I feel. He always comforts me with His presence and makes me feel at peace. Acceptance of your situation and leaning heavily on Jesus is sometimes the only option. But when sickness or loss or something you can’t fix comes along, take heart, because one day Jesus will wipe away every tear you’ve ever cried if you just put your faith in him, and He will be your comfort in the meantime. I have to head back into work from my break now, but I hope this was encouraging. Keep your head up. Love,


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